It’s not enough to say that nature is my muse, it’s my grounding rod.  I grew up in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounded by forests and streams.  My childhood was spent exploring and enjoying the great outdoors and all the adventures it provides.  Whether climbing trees, skipping stones, or hiking the mountains, I felt totally at peace and alive out in nature. 


As a teenager, I couldn’t wait to get away from the ‘country’ and move to a big city.  As an adult, I can truly appreciate the impact that rural surrounding had on me and how nature influences my thinking and my art. 

As a photographer, I continue to be inspired by my surroundings and make a point to travel and document new details and imagery that I can incorporate in my art and share with others.  Whether examining textures, patterns, shapes or colors, I’m drawn to the depth and variety of the natural world and the amazing compositions that we walk past every day.  My goal as an artist is to celebrate, manipulate, and elevate these elements and details into works of art that help bring the audience on a journey with me to explore and find inspiration.

I also love sculpting and am naturally drawn towards wood, metals, glass, and other organic materials that allow me to memorialize nature in contrasting ways; for example, a fragile leaf expressed in copper, steel hammered to look fluid as a stream, or the reflection in a building captured on flowing chiffon.  The addition of jewelry, wearables, and other accessories to my collection has been a fun exploration of my three-dimensional view of the world.  Regardless of the materials I choose to combine, the intent is always to celebrate the subtle details, emphasize texture, and create works of art that evoke emotion and a sense of place.

I believe it is the role of an artist to help expand our vision and responses to the world around us and to help encourage a deeper connection with all things. 

Thank you for visiting my site.

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